Frequently Questions

Below are frequently asked questions, you may find the answer for yourself

Gear Steroids Sup is one of the few in the medicine industry that understands the importance of an innovative approach to pharmacutical products. Our mission is to distribute a wide range of modern and innovative products.

Big orders discounts

If you place an order over 1000$ (before shipping) you get  5% discount!
If your order is over 2000$ (before shipping) you get 10% off!

Discounts will be calculated by our store automatically AFTER you checkout. No promo codes are required!

Do you accept orders per e-mail?

No, we do not accept orders per e-mail. Only via site checkout.

Are you a legitimate company?

We are a professional mail order service licensed to sell and distribute pharmaceutical products. We have been established for over 8 years, supplying original, high-quality anabolic steroids and related products, prescription-free over the Internet.

What is the quality of your products?

All our products are 100% original coming directly from world famous medicine distributors, and you feel this from the first shot of injection

Do I need a prescription to order?

A prescription is NOT required to order our products

How long is the whole process of ordering and shipping?

Order confirmation with the list of purchased products is sent to your contact email once order is placed.

Once payment is received, we process and dispatch your order within up to 2-5 business days. Shipping time depends on various factors such as method of our shipping, postal service efficiency, customs clearance, international transit, etc., which is why we can only give you an approximation based on our statistics and former experience.

Order arrived but it’s not complete.

Please contact us when you have such problem. We will need you to send us the picture of what you got including package labels. This will help us to investigate how this happened to prevent such problems in the future. Usually we come back with the result of investigation within 2 business days. As a result we can offer you redelivery of missing items, partial refund, credit towards your new purchase and discount coupon to compensate this problem.

What if package is seized by custom?

We have 99.9% success delivery rate to USA, Canada, Europe and South Africa. Even if products get seized (1% possibility based on our statistics through years), we offer redelivery or credit towards new purchase on our site. We will just need you to email us official notification from post office or custom that package was stopped and we’ll arrange new delivery within 3 business days.

How can I contact you?

Since our services are optimized to be conducted online and worldwide, You are more than welcome to contact our sales department through our website on page Contact us.

Usually email requests are responded within 24 hours but sometimes it may take 2 business days for us to reply. Email requests sent on Friday are sometimes replied on Monday due to time difference in working hours of our support team and your location.

Loyalty program for repeat customers

All customers get the following LIFETIME discounts for all products in our store:

5% after 10 orders placed
10% after 20 orders paced

IMPORTANT: our international, USA domestic and EU domestic sections are in fact 3 different sites with 3 different independent databases. To get this discount you need to place all orders in one and the same section! Example:
if you placed 8 orders in our US domestic section and 2 orders in our international section you do not get any discount. You need to place all 10 orders in our US domestic warehouse to get 5% off in the domestic sections.

Discounts for the international section are different and described in the discounts page of our international section.

Note: In order to make sure whether the Human Growth Hormone, or Jintropin is real or fake, Gensci has developed an anti-counterfeiting system. Enter the serial number (you can fiind it on the package) that contains 12 digits on the web site (
We also offer another well-known genuine HGH (Somatropin) brand name Getropin.